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Heart pounding
Mind racing
As we stand together,
Not wanting to say goodbye.
I see the sparkle in your eyes
the depth that they hold
And am lost in your gaze

Slowly you step towards me
Eyes still locked with mine
Only your hand touches me
As you sweep the hair
Off my face

I step closer

We wrap our arms around each other
And I pull tighter
And feel your embrace
Not wanting to let go

Heart pounding louder
Mind racing faster
You look at me
And then I know

I close my eyes
And feel your warm,
Soft lips meet mine
Heart still pounding
But slower now
Mind still racing
But not so brisk

I look at you again
Not wanting to let go
I see the same emotion
In your eyes.

Not a word was spoken
But I still understood
Everything you said
And in my heart
I felt the same things
And said them the same way
And you understood

Your heart was pounding
Your mind was racing
Along with mine
Written awhile ago, when I was in love. It's how I felt at the time. I think I like how I didn't rhyme with this one, it really works.
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November 30, 2006
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